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St. Pancras IPA

Recreating History

Taking a station to a new destination



St. Pancras was 150 in 2018 and we spent 3 years helping to plan the licensing activity that would eventually support this milestone. 

Having developed a licensing strategy in January 2016, we were appointed to execute it and had to put our money where our mouth was, sourcing a pop-up shop partner, developing an on-line retail solution and creating an extensive range of merchandise. 

This was no mean feat for a station that, despite its 50 million visitors a year, is not exactly a 'brand' in the strictest sense of the word. What we did find though, was that there was an appetite for a St. Pancras beer. The history of the station was so closely entwined with the story of beer that craft beer companies couldn't resist the association. 

The St. Pancras IPA was born, appearing in local pubs across London, helping to really celebrate the occasion. This, along with commemorative ceramics from Stoke-on-Trent Pottery helped us to get close to our initial strategy. In addition a pop-up shop opened in the station selling commemorative merchandise. 

We may not have absolutely hit our financial targets but we certainly gave it a good go and delivered a huge range of touchpoints for this amazing piece of architecture including scarves, tiles, and of course a book. 

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