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From 2014 through to 2019

Men's Health & Women's Health launch into Fitness Equipment with Argos and then expand into G.A.S region

Given that every edition of every Men's Health and Women's Health magazines feature images of the product, exercise equipment was a natural candidate for a brand extension. 

Because Golden Goose had an established relationship with the fitness buyer at Argos, the work to finalise an agreement was relatively straightforward with the deal done by April 2014, just a few months after our appointment in late 2013. In fact, product development to achieve a balance between editorial product quality aspirations and the Argos target price points required more finessed negotiation by Antonia Habdank-Toczyska, our Client and Strategy Director, than the numbers in the contract. 

Although initially sceptical over product quality, the Men's Health editorial team now embrace the Argos relationship, regularly featuring the branded product in editorial, advertorial, social media and advertising. Meanwhile Argos (recently acquired by Sainsbury) continue to develop new product (this includes combined editorial and buyer trips to China to test product and advise on sizing and layout of equipment). 



Thanks to the continued and growing success of the Men's Health products in Argos (launched in Winter 2014 and still going strong), Golden Goose has been on the hunt for a licensee in other territories where Men's Health is strong. Having spoken to multiple partners it was our German representative Heiko Lammers who eventually found the right partner.

Founded by Fabian Barros, a talented and experienced entrepreneur with a background in selling fitness equipment for other manufacturers, Lukadora is now the licensee of Men's Health and Women's Health in Germany with more territories in development. Initially we had thought that the Argos range could be exported to additional territories, but actually the synergies never materialised and Lukadora now source their own product from their Chinese shareholder, with their own local look and feel. 

5 year and £25M+ retail sales since the range first appeared Men's Health is now the only licensed brand in the Argos fitness range and, thanks to the extensive marketing support provided by the brandowner, value and volume sales continue to grow year on year.  In addition, sales are growing in Germany and the international play is ramping up. 

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