Golden Goose

Europe's leading boutique licensing consultancy

Case Studies

selected products we helped develop

St. Pancras Pop-up Shop

a range of commemorative products

St. Pancras IPA

A new beer for their 150th year

Oasis Bedding

A beautifully decorative bedding range

Pulses and Grains

Men's Health Meat Products

a range of high protein, high fibre, low fat products

Men's Health Sous Vide Products

a range of slow cooked meats in healthy sauces

Fitness Equipment

Original Stormtrooper Homewares

Take the market by storm

Original Stormtrooper Cycling

Cycling through the storm

Original Stormtrooper Toiletries

Take the market by storm

Women's Fitness Equipment

Frozen Ready Meals

Oasis Wellingtons

A fun and fashionable range of wellingtons

Active Gels

Beef Jerky

Men's Health Licensing

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Wildlife Attracting Seeds

Decorative Ceramics


Maison Blanc Chocolate