Golden Goose

Europe's leading boutique licensing consultancy

Case Studies

selected products we helped develop

St. Pancras Pop-up Shop

a range of commemorative products

St. Pancras IPA

A new beer for their 150th year

Oasis Bedding

A beautifully decorative bedding range

Pulses and Grains

Men's Health Meat Products

a range of high protein, high fibre, low fat products

Men's Health Sous Vide Products

a range of slow cooked meats in healthy sauces

Fitness Equipment

Women's Fitness Equipment

Frozen Ready Meals

Oasis Wellingtons

A fun and fashionable range of wellingtons

Active Gels

Beef Jerky

Men's Health Licensing

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Wildlife Attracting Seeds

Decorative Ceramics


Maison Blanc Chocolate