Welcome to Golden Goose brand licensing consultancy

Established in 2002, Golden Goose is the UK's leading boutique brand licensing consultancy. Our team of experienced marketing professionals works with brandowners, retailers and manufacturers to create licensed products that generate revenue and brand equity. 

Clients receive a bespoke service with each brand benefiting from a tailor-made licensing strategy and a dedicated account team. 

Account directors are senior level executives with licensing experience working on global brands across multiple territories. 

We also have the established processes and templates required to initiate licensing programmes for  large corporates looking to realise the licensing model's potential.

Our mission is to:

  • Work with brands we love
  • Make consumers love them more
  • Generate increased brand equity and revenue for our clients
  • Enhance and expand brand recognition and market reach

The name Golden Goose focuses us on licensing that protects and enriches brands we represent. 


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